Jellyfish Method

My name is Liz and I present to you a method to learn English in a very different way. After many years of experience I have learned that children, in order to learn a language other than their mother language, must naturalize it first.

Our goal is for the child to internalize the language by having fun in a familiar environment and eliminating any frustration. With games, activities and interpersonal relationships they learn in a more enjoyable and fun way.

The fundamental basis of our methodology is creativity and individual treatment with each one of our children. In addition, we also have socio-cultural projects in which families from all over the world participate, increasing their curiosity for other different cultures.

To facilitate this dynamic environment, the center's facilities have been adequated with ample spaces and specific materials that make children of different ages feel more comfortable with the programs.

It is not an academy, we are a community. Would you like to be part of it?

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